The SEVENTH day of the SEVENTH month 2005 saw London hit by suicide bombers in a co-ordinated attack on the London Transport system.

At 0850 three bombs exploded in underground trains just outside Liverpool Street and Edgeware Road and on another travelling on the Picallilly Line between Kings Cross and Russell Square stations. One hour later an explosion blew apart a bus in Tavistock Square, near King's Cross.

Altogether 52 innocent passengers lost their lives in the attacks and more than 770 people were injured.

The bombers were British aged between 18 and 30 years old.

14 days later 21/7/05 there was another bombing attempt which failed.

The next day 22nd July the police followed a young man Jean Charles de Menezes (born SEVENTH January 1978) mistaking him for a suspected suicide bomber. He was followed to Stockwell underground station in London, followed onto the train where he was shot SEVEN times in the head at point blank range without challenge.

He was innocent a case of mistaken identity! Even if he had turned out to be a terrorist, this action is complete overkill. Couldn't they have shot him with a traquiliser gun or a taser? Maybe then he would still be alive today. But why did they wait until he was on the underground train before approaching him???

BILL & BENMenezez didn't jump the barrier nor was he wearing a thick padded coat or a rucksack as initially reported. So why was that reported at all? and why was all vital CCTV evidence 'missing'? Britian has more CCTV cameras than anywhere else, but strangely there was none in this case, despite the country and especially tube stations being on high alert. Very fishy!!!

This incident was the biggest ever cock up with the worst possible outcome. But the chief of police, Sir Iain Blair, commemorated the actions of his men and arrogantly refused to resign over the incident. He was later asked to resign by Boris Johnson, the newly elected London Mayor. However no one was charged or held accountable and Menezez's family have been denied justice. After an inquest in which the jury were forbidden from retuning a verdict of unlawful killing the result was an open verdict. The jury didn't believe the police's account of what happened but regardless no one was held accountable and the police said 'sorry'.

Once you could go up to a policeman and ask for directions but now you'd better be careful how you approach one! Armed police with itchy triggers, doesn't equate to public safety - obviously, and doesn't make me feel safer. There have been quite a lot of accidental killings by police since this so called war on terror. If there was such a big threat to our public safety then events such as 9-11 would happen regularly, it's been nine years since that happened. Yes there has been a few more incidents since, but these have been a result of the war and the way Muslims have been treated since. These incidents probably wouldn't have happened otherwise.

This whole catalogue of events is the result of vengence ' The war in Iraq is partly Bush's revenge for 9/11. The British Governments' alliance with the US in Iraq was the reason behind the attacks in London and later Glasgow, but just because a few radicals are behind these attacks there is no reason to attack a whole country and kill tens of thousands of innocent people, or send hundreds of young men to their deaths. The fear-mongering and panic is actively ecouraged by the government as it gives them a reason to treat us all as potential criminals and remove our civil liberties, all 'for our own safety'.

If George Bush and Tony Blair are as 'Christians' as they claim to be, then where is the fogiveness?, Love thy enemy?, turn the other cheek, though shalt not kill policy?

The threat of Saddam Huissen and the Weapons of Mass Destruction were later discovered to be non-existent. If it was a case of just removing Saddam, then where is 007 when we need him? At least 750,000 people marched against the war in February 2003, but in this so-called democracy the voice of the people was ignored and the irony is they are now trying to bring this democracy to Iraq and now Afghanistan.

On the Seventh of March 2003 Lord Goldsmith informed Tony Blair that the case for indaving Iraq was illegal. This wasn't the only illegal act Tony Blair committed, there was cash for honours, and blocking an inquiry into arms deals with Saudi Arabia, The death of Dr. David Kelly, He knew about torture filghts as well as the fact that suspects were being tortured into confessing. It seems our ex-Prime Minister was one of the biggest criminals in history although the law doesn't seem to apply to our leaders, the government or the police? Tony Blair and George Bush should be charged with war crimes and actually owning and using weapons of mass destruction.

War only results in death and destruction, murder of innocent men women and children. These wars, far from bringing peace are stirring up a hornets nest of more hatered and resentment and revenge against the West and ultimately putting us all in danger.

If we look at it another way, how would us brits, like to be invaded, occupied and have our leader executed and have another country's will forced upon us? Don't you think we might object and fight against it?

People are the same all over, there is no such thing as a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Jew, just people who are exactly the same under the skin. Instead of creating barriers and pointing out differences in each other we should recognise the similarities and that we are all just human no matter how important we think we are, including our so-called leaders. Remember they can only lead if we choose follow... you are not a puppet and your will is your own.