"He's God tonight, he walks on water and he's always right
Talks about the trouble in America

Mad Jack - The Chameleons

Jesus told Peter to step out of his fishing boat
and walk on the water.

What is meant by this is he was asking Peter to
and have absolute faith and believe in him.

This didn't mean he was magic.

Walking on water simply means he was free to
move around amongst 'seas' of people wherever and whenever he pleased.

Most of us are not able to roam freely because we have
sold our souls and given up our lives and our freedom
Whether at school, place of work or any other place
we are chained to desks and clocks and are
chained by money or rather the lack of money.

rent, mortgage, electricity, gas, income tax, council tax, food bills,
clothing, loan repayments, life insurance, home insurance,
National health, credit cards, etc,etc, etc...

If you need to travel to and from your work place
you probably have a car, which you would then have to pay
road tax, insurance, mot, petrol, services, parking charges,
parking fines, spare parts etc..etc..etc..

Don't you ever stop long enough to start?
take your car out of that gear!

The Magnificent Seven- The Clash

Many people work 9 to 5, five days week (or more) plus necessary overtime
often in a dead end job until they retire at 60 or 65 years old.
Which means that they spend the majority of our lives static in one place, working for a living.
The irony is that we have to give up the best part our lives (our youth)
to do so, and the fact is we are already alive!

If we are lucky they may be allowed a couple of weeks holiday
in a year and we may have scraped a little by to survive old age.
(That is if our employer decides to give you back your pension!)
By that time you are likely to be too knackered to enjoy your life!

What do you get for a lifetime of devoted service?
a clock to count the little life you have left- if anything at all

We are scared of taking the step 'out of the boat'
because we fear we might lose our job, get in trouble from
people with authority over us or even lose our homes
or the right to the basic essentials we need to survive.

are all essentials for human survival,
yet we are forced to be slaves to employers just for these basics
necessities or else do without! that is a cruel system.

Yes, we have a basic benefit system that we all pay for through our taxes
but that is bearly enough to cover even basic needs.

People in poverty often turn to crime to supplement their low income-resulting in misery, stress,
violence and imprisonment. Poverty or greed is the cause of most crimes.

The injustice of the haves and the have-nots
causes resentment, hunger frustration and anger, fear, mistrust, panic.

Of course most people do want to work, preferably at something
they are skilled at and enjoy doing.
not flipping burgers for the minimum wage.

How did Michelangelo find the time to paint the Sistine chapel?
as well as create hundreds of other beautiful art works?

Stop chasing your tail and sniffing arses and you'll be surprised
at just how much you can do with your time.

They say TIME is MONEY but which is more valuable?
Money only helps to keep the wolf from the door
and even then it's a constant battle making ends meet.
but the wolf just keeps finding new and 'legal' (by man's made-up laws)
ways to charge you more and more.
Selling you crap and shoving it down your throat day in day out.

High interest on loans, low interest on savings, a pitance of a pension after years of saving,
insurance is a protection racket and if you ever need to make a claim then they will find any excuse not to pay out.

Why work all hours to pay for a nice house
that you rarely get a chance to live in and enjoy?
and what about the time you have to spend away from your family?

Working can be rewarding and satisfying but humans are not machines and shouldn't be treated as such.
Many of the stress and health problems result from the fact that humans are natural beings, animals, but we have created a world and a way of life that is so artificial and un-natural. That we have to 'pretend' we are something we are not.
This ultimately leads to stress, misery, exhaustion and illness.

Everyone should be treated with equal respect and allowed to use their own time as they please

"sometimes it's tougher to look than to leap"
Skin Deep- The Stranglers