THE-SEVENTH.COM is a website which contains some of my personal philosophies and views on life and society. Illustrated using a combination of images, song lyrics, poetry, facts, observations and personal writings.

I have always been fascinated by the number seven, seven days of the week, seven seas, lucky seven, the list is endless. I was born on the seventh of March and have always felt 'lucky' .

I have noticed throughout my life that the number seven is everywhere. This site explores the infinite connections to the number seven and presents them in a way that is either humerous or serious and perhaps unexpected.

I design websites for a number of clients, which obviously have to comply to instructions or a brief. This site allows me a complete free reign to express myself, which is very liberating and good fun, in much the same way that people enjoy blogging, it allows me to get things off my chest, share my views and generally have a rant. I'm not claiming to be right or wrong or asking anyone to agree with anything I say, but I hope you have fun exploring it.

Gavin Bonnar