Pharoah had a dream in which he saw seven fat cattle and seven lean cattle.
Joseph (with his coat of many colours) interpretated this dream to mean
That Egypt would have seven bountiful years of harvest then seven years of famine.
He advised Pharoah to store the excess grain during the bountiful years
so that they would not be without food during the lean years of famine.

It makes perfect sense to put something away for a rainy or not so rainy day,
But it shows that you have to be careful who you trust with your savings and investments,
Obviously not Banks, The Stock Market or Pension funds!

An Angel came from outside with no halo with no father and a coat of many colours
He spoke of brothers many, wine and women, song-a-plenty
He began to write a chapter in his story - Nice and Sleazy

Nice and sleazy does it.

Nice and Sleazy -The Stranglers