Wallace's sword was SEVEN foot long

William Wallace- (1270 - 1305)
Guardian of Scotland

"faught and died for his wee bit hill and glen"

Wallace had a passion and bravery which still inspire
the pride of the Scottish Nation today.

What he stood for was Freedom,
Freedom from persecusion, opression,
and Freedom from English Rule.

He stood up to King Edward (Hammer of the Scots)
"and sent him homeward tae think again"

Using brain over brawn, he out-witted and defeated
"Proud Edward's army" at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

However, through not gaining the loyalty and support
he needed -he was betrayed by his
fellow countrymen.

He cried Freedom! to his last breath
(even while being tortured to death at the Tower of London)
But the Scottish Nobels still sold their country to
the English for GOLD, TITLES & LAND
and sold the Scots independence to London.

What Wallace, meant is that
in our HEARTS and in our MINDS

Each and everyone of us is free to pilot our own lives.
Others can only lead if we follow them, Rule us if we allow them to, Control us
if we allow ourselves to be controlled, we allow ourselves to be slaves.

So where are all Scotland's Bravehearts now?
Where is the pride? Sadly we are all bending over and taking it up the ass daily from politians, employers, bankers, traffic wardens, police, sheriff officers, tax inspectors, councillors, lawyers, and judges and anyone else with legal authority and power over how we live our lives.

Now, over three hundred years after the Scottish parliament was dissolved, 1707,
we Scots are now 'allowed' to have our own Parliament.
The building cost us (taxpayers) £431,000,000 (but no one is accountable for this expense?)

The Scottish Parliament is designed to look like a lot of upturned boats,
how appropriate,...S.O.S.

"Save Me, Save from Tomorrow,
I don't wan't to sail with this Ship of Fools"
Ship Of Fools -World Party

The irony is that we still don't even have a real voice
and are still are ruled by Westminster from London.
In this so called ' democracy' we live in we can vote for our leaders
but we don't get to vote on what they do once elected!

I wasn't asked for my vote about going to war,
or spending a fortune on a parliament, or on anything else for that matter.

We can all easily vote for 'Big Brother, and for who's got the X Factor,
but we don't have the chance to vote on the issues which effect our daily lives?

In Scotland, a country with so much rain, that it even invented hydro electric,
We have to pay dearly for our water of else we are cut off!
It seems we are forced to pay a high price for just the basic essentials for life.
What will be next... fresh air!
The government and councils must assume that everyone has money, because they insist that we keep paying up regardless of whether we have it or the means of getting it.

Of course, we do need some kind of tax but something tells me that the game's not
being played fairly and public money should not be spent on councillor's luxuries and expenses.

The criminals are the ones who abuse their power and get away it whilst the innocent public are made criminals by failing to meet demands of their unfair taxes and laws.
Innocent people are being bullied, robbed and abused every day, all perfectly legally!

No wonder so many people are disillusioned, angry, depressed or suicidal.

Council Tax is not means tested or based on the individual persons ability to pay?
Public funds are squandered on Councillors luxury expenses?

Banks regularly steal money from your account, charging £30 a time for going over your limit, although this is illegal and you can take your bank to court it, still goes on. This is Bank Robbery!

One of the basic necessities of life, warmth, is now so expensive that the elderly are dying of cold,
whilst the energy companies boast or record profits. This is what is criminal!

Why put your faith in or follow leaders that are not worthy of your respect?

It's not voter apathy that keeps people away from the polls but a concious mistrust of politicians, But why should we trust proven liars?

Why should we respect, or pledge alegence even, to a monarchy that only holds that position through the murderous acts of their ancestors? Their current behaviour is nothing to look up to either!

Wallace denied his charge of High Treason because he didn't recognise the King as his superior.

Free your mind and lead yourself because only you have total authority over your own life, body and soul. No one else can make you do anything against your will.
Treat others as you would like to be treated and free yourself to live a life with peace of mind from unwanted interference and fear-mongering.
Reclaim your life, it's the only one you've got.

"'Cause man has to be his own saviour
The sky is blue, my hands untied,
A world that's true through all clean eyes
Just look at you with burning lips
Your living proof at my fingertips"

Echo & The Bunnymen


even if you are imprisoned your mind is always your own,
A caged bird can still sing.
This realisation is the greatest power.


Whether Scotland ever becomes independent from the UK or not
is irrellevant, because Scotland has one of the world's strongest cultural identites and always will.
Scotland is recognised and loved the world over regardless of all boundaries.




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