SMOKING....Somebody Stop Me!

7th March 1962
Royal College of Physicians report
highlights the dangers of smoking.

The government has banned smoking in all public places.
This is good for non-smokers and I fully respect that they shouldn't have to be subjected to other people's cigarette smoke. But on the other hand It is bad for smokers. Smoking has existed for thousands of years and for many people it is a bad habit that they enjoy. Most people would like to quit but not because they are forced to by law.

Yet another rule, amongst thousands of other petty rules, dreamt up by the nanny state to take away our personal freedom and liberties to keep us under the tight control of the law.

Just what we need, yet another new group of 'nazi enforcers' on the streets, what will their uniforms be like?
We will have to be able to tell them apart form all the other enforcers, like traffic wardens, litter police etc..
Maybe they will have a fire extinguisher on there back to put out the cigarettes of the naughty smokers?

It's ironic that we all go through school following petty rules until at last we are an adult and we are old enough to make decisions for ourselves.....right?.........WRONG!
We are never to be trusted to behave responsibly no matter how old or wise we are. So because there are a few dodgy people amongst the populus we are all treated as potential criminals -watched, screened and serialised.
It is truly worrying how Orwell's 1984 is becoming a reality.

I'm not saying that the smoking ban isn't good for many people but I feel sorry for all these old men who's only pleasure in life was a drink and a cigarette, This was their way of socialising and getting out the house, sometimes just to keep warm, now they have nothing. Smoking and drinking often go hand in hand and to deny one is to spoil their enjoyment completely.

Most Licencees have experienced falling profits as most of the hardened smokers will prefer to stay a home with a few cans and smoke, causing many smaller pubs to close all together.


The only solution is to give the owners of the pubs the right to decide wether their premises should be Smoking or Non Smoking. After all, it is their business isn't it?
Non-smokers were in the minority of the pub going public before as far as I could see, and if they don't like drinking in smokey pubs then they don't have to.

There are still bars where you can pay to see naked women writhing about in front of you, but you don't have to go there, so why not have pubs for smokers? Then the public can decide wether to go to a Smoking or Non Smoking bar then everyone would be happy?

The government charge smokers massive anounts of tax on cigarettes, The revenue of which should be put towards the health service, but is it? With decades of high tax on cigarettes our health service should be better, with no waiting for operations, plenty of hospital beds and plenty of highly trained, caring staff on a decent wage.....but, it's not quite like that is it?

You choose your leaders and place your trust

And their lies wash you down when their promises rust

You'll see kidney machines replaced by rockets and guns

And the public get what the public want

But I don't get what this society wants

Goung Underground - The Jam

Why do we pay National Insurance contributions? It used to pay for dental treatment, prescriptions and hospitals but we now have to pay for most of these things as well, we can get free operations as long as you don't die before your turns comes around, many people are forced to somehow find the funds to go private to ensure the receive the care they need. And again essential care comes at a high price. Your money or your life?

We all know smoking is harmful but alcohol is far more harmful and has endless social problems attached to it- Causing endless and needless work for the NHS and Police every weekend.
(violence, drunk driving, abuse,accidents, sick, litter, vandalism, pissing in doorways etc...)

So why encourage twenty four hour drinking whilst cracking down on smokers?
Cars and planes emit far more toxic fumes and Co2's into the environment than cigarettes do but these things are necessary for money making so they'll turn a blind eye to these particular facts .

Smoking causes cancer -yes, but so does all the chemicals, toxins and additives that are in the processed foods and products that fill the supermarket shelves. Mucking about with what is good and natural inevitably leads to disaster. They feed sheep spines to cows????

The Rainforests, the Lungs of the Planet, are being ripped out at an alarming rate to make more paper for these government bills, crap furniture and mountains of newspapers full of worthless scandal and gossip.

If we don't do something now to prevent these more pressing issues then there will be no clean air for anyone to breathe!!!









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